nathaniel ray pickett
phd student, geography, university of kansas

biographical information

i am originally from southern california, though i have spent considerable time living in the kansas city area, the minneapolis-st paul area, utah, and in various cities in ukraine. i received my bachelor's degree in history from brigham young university in 2009, after which i spent a year as a psychiatric technician at a state mental hospital. i received my m.a. degree in russian, east european, and eurasian studies from the university of kansas in 2012, with a focus on ukraine. immediately after my master's program i moved into the geography phd program at k.u., where i am working on a dissertation involving the application of science and technology studies on a political geography study of the political and social effects of the chornobyl nuclear disaster on ukraine.

my academic interests generally fall within political geography, including popular geopolitics, border issues, and organizations that run counter to or separate from the capitalist-democratic world system. i am also interested in sts, religious and mythological geographies, using new media in research, urban networks and planning, and geographies of violence.

contact information


major publications:

minor publications:

  • with shannon o'lear, john biersack, and david j. trimbach, book review: revenge of geography by robert kaplan, progress in human geography, august 2014
  • translation of boris moronov, book review: самоорганизация российской общественности в последней трети XVIII—начале XX в. by a. c. tumanova, ed., the russian review, october 2012

in progress:

  • "stalker (1979), stalker, s.t.a.l.k.e.r., and stalkers"
  • with shannon o'lear and nathaniel freiberger, "science and technology studies and political geography: theory and applications"

conference and other presentations

academic conferences:

  • aag 2015: mediated phenomenology, "stalker (1979), stalker, s.t.a.l.k.e.r., and stalkers"
  • pgsg 2015: "sts and political geography"
  • aag 2014: "social fallout"
  • pgsg 2013: "revenge of geography?"
  • architecture symposium 2013: "global poverty: alternative approaches"
  • aag 2013: panel, "territorial cleansing topics," "bangladesh 1971"
  • aag 2012: "territorial cleansing: a geographical understanding of mass violence"
  • brownbag 2012: "homeland vs. our land: crimean tatar identity"

guest lectures:

  • "borders and borderlands in eastern europe: a political geography perspective"
  • "comic books and popular geopolitics"
  • "chornobyl, science, and international politics"

awards and grants

  • fulbright for research in ukraine, 2015-2016
  • kollmorgen fellowship, 2012-13
  • palij book award for ukrainian studies, 2011

courses taught

  • principles of human geography
  • physical geography lab
  • beginning russian
  • western civilization, beginnings to 1500ad

extracurricular activity

other work experience:

  • student athlete tutor, k.u., 2013
  • book review editor, the russian review, 2012
  • graduate research assistant, fmso, 2011

professional service and volunteer activity:

  • student representative, political geography subgroup, 2013-14
  • rees gso president, 2011-12 (vice president, 2012-2014)